If you are looking for vibrant patterned wall coverings that add a splash of colour to bring any space in your home and office to life, you’ve stopped at the right place. Be Shine Textile Inc is an industry leading online wallpaper store that supplies custom fabric wallpapers and patterned wall coverings in Markham.

Our number one priority is 100% client satisfaction. We’ve been in business servicing a growing client base with outstanding products and thorough customer service since 2009. Businesses and homeowners looking for durable and exquisite wall fabric products use our services. The same can be said of design professionals looking to add an extra splash of colour and spalsh to commercial and residential projects.

Patterned Wall Coverings That Enhance Any Space

We offer a variety of different wallpaper styles to choose from. Regardless of the one you finally choose, clients can rest assured they will get good quality and some sound insulation.  These are all durable products that are soft to the touch and visually comfortable.

Please take a few minutes to look through the different patterns that we offer. Remember that we will also customize any of your orders. Most of the patterns are floral or geometric figures. Some of the products that we offer our composed of different types of thread and yarn. These are soft to the touch and durable. Some of the other advantages to the wall coverings that are provided here include:

  • Fabrics that are both oil and waterproof.
  • The materials that are used are seamless. That means they resist mildew and static while being multifunctional at the same time.
  • These wallpaper products are all environmentally friendly. The materials used here are harmless to the human body and non-toxic.

The seamless fabric that is used on these patterned wall coverings in Markham is water and oil proof. It’s easy to care for and can be cleaned with only a wet towel. That makes it a fast and efficient way to keep your wallpaper tidy looking and bright.

There are a wide range of different applications available for this material. It only takes one or two people to put it up. That makes it an especially suitable application for older walls. Be Shine Textile Inc has years of experience. Why not get in touch with us today? We will be happy to help you find a new and exciting look for your office or residential space.