If you’re looking for custom fabric wallpaper in Markham that comes in a great variety and looks great in any room in your home or office, you’ve stopped on the right website.  Be Shine Textile Inc has been satisfying the needs of our clients since 2009. Our number one priority continues to be 100% customer satisfaction.

Please take a moment to look through the durable and exquisite wall fabric products. These are just the thing for design professionals to service commercial and residential markets where ever they find them.

A Customized Look

These are the products within anti-tear strong finish that separates them from the competition. This type of wallpaper is an excellent choice for professional designers and homeowners who want a customized look. Here are a few more advantages to this product.

  • The custom fabric wallpaper we supply feels and looks like it’s handmade. It’s printed to order and ready in just a few days.
  • Not only does this wallpaper look great, it’s scratch proof and you can wipe it clean quickly and easily.

Everything that we make for you offers excellent ventilation and some sound insulation as well as visual comfort. What’s more, each product is soft to the touch. The textiles and cotton used have been treated with a nanotechnology. The result is a needle punched cotton bottom layer. The surface layer is also treated the same way for excellent sound insulation and antistatic qualities.

Excellent Features

Fabric wallpaper has other excellent features including the fact that it is antibacterial and waterproof. This type is a popular choice because the seamless paste used avoids any visual unbalances or gaps.

Gaps or Visual Unbalances

The fiber fabrics that are used are also seamless so there’s little or no chance of moisture inside the wallpaper causing mold.

These are also very simple to apply. In fact, they can be put up much quicker than more traditional wallpaper by only one or two people.

Advanced Design That’s Soft

Finally, the material used is of an advanced design that makes it especially soft. That means accidental bumping and scrapes won’t cause any damage especially in exposed corners. If you are interested in learning more about custom fabric wallpaper Markham for your business or home, please get in touch with us today. We will be happy to assist you. Out priority is always making sure you are satisfied.